The Difference between Success and Failure for Today’s Video Production Teams

In the evolving world of outsourcing, fast timetables and immediate demands, shared storage is an absolute must for businesses that wish to remain agile and efficient. In the world of video production and the growing size of video files, this demand is even greater. Once a business comes to this revelation, they must make sure they make the right network storage purchase. Buying the wrong system can lead to exponentially growing costs once you attempt to upscale. This demand can be brutal for a business with small profit margins.

When choosing the right digital video storage device, for example, you have to ask: Does this system allow for expedient collaboration? Can it handle the applications required for our tasks? If the answer is no, you may have wasted upwards of $50,000. If you can answer yes, the amount of hours you gained, and the increase in the cost effectiveness of those hours, can be monumental.

Eliminating downtime and allowing seamless collaboration during video production can drastically increase your timetables. This technology is quickly making a difference in the productive output of creative shops and has enabled them to outperform organizations twice their size in many cases. We have entered a world where actually working smarter, not harder – can quickly be the difference in your economic viability.

Choosing the right system if you plan on upscaling is also a make or break decision. If you look at the additional costs of increasing your system’s abilities, you can be looking at a difference of possibly $80,000 to boost the performance between seemingly similar products. Systems like the Archion editstor are built to be efficient and keep costs low, but the decision should ultimately come down to what is best for your business.